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Jurgen Klopp laughs about players that move to China

Jurgen Klopp


Jurgen Klopp laughs about players that move to China

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp cannot comprehend the reason players prefer a move to China over a more competitive league.

Chelsea’s Oscar became the latest star player to make a big money switch to China worth £400,000 per week as he completed his £52 million moves on Friday.

Klopp Jokingly said “My family is no more concerned about money, ” but he’s surprised that a player at 25 who should be competing for trophies would rather opt for the cash.

“I have no idea why players make decisions like this, it is not a league that can attract the top stars yet,” Klopp said.

“The only way to bring top players there is the money, for me, it is not an option.

“Few clubs in Europe also thinks about England in such way; they see money as the main reason the best players move here.”

“If a player decides to move to China, obviously that should be towards the end of his career. But a player in his prime can earn enough money from any of the top leagues in Europe.”

Klopp added that he would not use wealth generated from broadcasting deals to lure players to Liverpool.

“ Players should know that if they are hardworking, they can earn serious money here, reasonable money, but we will not go crazy” the German added.

“We believe that if you lure a player through money, at the point where you need him to show character you will not get it.”

“We try to convince players about the unique qualities of the club before signing them; Liverpool is the best club for a player to develop, to get the best of your career.”

“We are not going to sell our stars just for the money, the biggest teams in the world didn’t change much, they grow together.”

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