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5 thoughts on the mind of Arsenal fans after loss to Man City


5 thoughts on the mind of Arsenal fans after loss to Man City

Arsenal fans have been expressing mixed reactions over the past few seasons. Recently the loss to Man City over the weekend has incited more reactions.

Just when all seems to be going well with the Arsene Wenger’s side, The Gunners have lost a match many fans hoped they would win or settle for a draw.

The 2016/2017 squad appear like real title contenders, they have shown excellent quality and have raised the hope of the fans. Losing two important away games in a short time is not good news for the fans who expect more.

The 2-1 away loss at Everton could have been written off as one of those aberrations – but to follow that up with a 2-1 loss at Manchester City has got fans of the Gunners raging everywhere.

Here are complete thought of with what Arsenal fans are having right now:

  1. How Uninspiring Manchester City Was In The First Half

In the first half, the home side was not impressive. They were lacking their usual bite and posed little or no much threat to the Gunners. A few key players didn’t play; they include Aguero, Kompany, and Gundogan. How come Arsenal didn’t punish them? This is what is running on the mind of the Gunners fans.

“City was really pathetic in that first half. We were at them, and dominating play, we had them. We were 1-0 up and were close to victory already; there was no Aguero, Fernandinho, Kompany, nor Gundogan”

We were going to punish the floor with them. But what happened? How did we slip from being the dominant force to the losing side within the space of fifteen minutes?

  1. On Mesut Ozil

“Why can’t he move towards the ball and close down an opponent? Why can’t he do something that would have him break into a sweat? This is awful.”

  1. Being in the fourth Position:

With this defeat, Arsenal has dropped to the fourth position on the league table. This will leave Arsenal fans wondering “Oh Lord, when are we going to get it right, when are we going to be real title contenders instead of something lesser.”

  1. The Thought Of Listening To Everyone Hit On About The ‘Same Usual Arsenal’ Stuff:

An Arsenal fan is now thinking, “oh not again. These rivals will resume their regular trade in telling how Arsenal always loses games when it matters most.”

  1. The Identity Of The EPL Title Favorites

Seeing the strong rivalry between Arsenal and their London neighbors Chelsea, Arsenal fans won’t mind anyone winning the trophy but not League leaders Chelsea. They would prefer City, United or Liverpool, but Chelsea? That will haunt them

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