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Preview: Manchester City Versus Arsenal


Preview: Manchester City Versus Arsenal

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who has been described as the brains and propeller of his club has created a mutual relationship with his Manchester City rival, Pep Guardiola. As both sides set to meet it is expected to be a thrilling event.

The two teams are expected to play their hearts out when they play against one another at the Etihad Stadium. It is quite coincidental that this face-off will occur when Guardiola’s passion for attacking football has waned due to the defeat experienced to Chelsea and Leicester City.

Although he called himself a coach not worthy of the tackles of football, he was touched by Wenger’s encouraging words of defense. Wenger told reporters that it is very normal for people to question the expertise of a coach when their clubs lose. He rephrased Guardiola denouncing words as a way of promoting his squad’s performance as being positive in the next set of games.

Guardiola is actually amazed at Wenger’s defense of him in public media. He has always admired the League idealist. In 2014,  Guardiola defended Wenger when Jose Mourinho labeled him a failure specialist.

His words were: “The life we live does not end with winning trophies. If a club like Arsenal incurs losses, it is because they are trying their best to do a good job which did not yield as expected. I respect Wenger a lot; especially the way he picks and buys quality players.”

City left the trend of not scoring goals on Wednesday by winning Watford 2-0 in a remarkable performance put on by Pablo Zabaleta and David Silva who scored the winning goals.

Guardiola has learned from his experience with Chelsea and Leicester, on the use of back three. For Watford’s visit, he will be making use of back four while he leaves center-back John Stones on the bench. This will apparently boost their defense as they aim domination of possession.

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