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Mourinho: We still need to work harder


Manchester United

Mourinho: We still need to work harder

Jose Mourinho refuses to allow the distractions around him dissuade him from the changes he has to make to his side.The changes that are required in Manchester United is constantly being addressed as he hopes to improve the quality of his squad.

He is confident of defeating any club, small or great, not excluding his former club which he left a year ago. He left Chelsea at the time when they were Champions of England. At the moment, they are still in high spirit and maintain a good record.

Although he got very good players when he took over at Old Trafford, he felt the need to start afresh in building a new Manchester United with a new philosophy, standards, and game plans.

He saw the present wealth of the Premier League as an obstacle for other teams to dominate. The club has had its grand history of awards, trophies, and global support, bringing its share of pressures and high expectations.

Since Europa League at Fenerbahce, Nov 3; United has not lost a match. This is an implication that change is on-going, and there remains much work to be done with the team. Twenty years under Sir Alex Ferguson,  United made 3,4 or 5 of their great top-scorers stay on the same team as long as they wanted. Jose Mourinho taking charge will change all that.

Mourinho detested the decisions that had a bad effect on him and his team. He has linked such actions to a form of conspiracy.

One common ground Mourinho and Van Gaal share is the opinion about the schedule of the English game especially during festive periods.

Despite the tradition of having so many exciting games in this time of the year, both managers agreed that they could not help the plans of the squad in the New Year, especially in European games.

When other leagues are off resting, English teams are out busy in sporting activities and training. This can have a negative influence on players. For example, Angel Di Maria did not put in his best in the second half of his first season with United as compared with his first due to his inability to rest well.

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